Software Features

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Implemented features

  • multiple configurable meta data sets (structures)

  • meta data sets can be changed at any time (add/remove fields with existing data)

  • typed fields (text, number, date...)

  • required and read-only fields

  • relations between records

  • unlimited folder hierarchy

  • customizable web interface

  • multiple (user defined) views for records

  • user defined actions (buttons)

  • multilingual user interface (including folder names and field names)

  • import/export to and from XML

  • combined full text search and meta data search

  • java and javascript-like scripting engine for task automation, complex work flows, specialized import/export ...

  • records can contain any number and any type of files (fileset fields)

  • unpack zip files on the server and preserve directory structure (important for viewing multi-file documents like XML and HTML

  • pre-configured structures and scripts for FAQ's and discussions

  • users and usergroups

  • unix style access control for folders, records and filesets (read/write/delete/execute modifiers for owner, group and everyone)

  • advanced search page

  • OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative)

  • export to MARC-XML