System Requirements

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  • There are no specific system or server requirements to install the DoKS software.
    • In our case the software is installed on a P4, 2.4 GHz with 1024 MB RAM and it works very well.
    • On one location DoKS is running on a P3, 1 GHz with only 128 MB RAM. It works well enough, but it's not fast or comfortable to work with.
    • The more RAM is in your server, the better it will work. It is important however to make sure there is enough space on your hard disk to be able to collect and store data for a couple of years. The average file size of last year's theses is about 3,7 MB. The software itself is zipped about 16MB.
  • The choice of platform is completely free as long as it runs Java (Windows and Unix are possible). Packages that have to be installed are Java, a DBMS, Ant and Tomcat. The software is database-independant because we work with Hibernate. The Complete installation Manual explains the use of a MySQL database but also possible are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL,....
  • The installation is done by someone who is used to working with the operating system and database, someone who is used to deal with software installations and configurations. Most network administrators will fit this profile. You can find the Complete installation Manual on this wiki.