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Currently the web API is very simple and limited to search related functionality

Search links

To create a link to a search query in DoKS add do/search?dispatch=search to the base url of your DoKS site and add another parameter q that contains the query (&q=):


e.g. http://doks2.khk.be/eindwerk/do/search?dispatch=search&q=botrytis

To build advanced queries look at the help in DoKS (/Home/Help/Zoeken/ (http://doks2.khk.be/eindwerk/do/folder/View?dispatch=info&path=/Home/Help/Zoeken/)) or, to learn by example, do an advanced search in DoKS and look at the actual query that is generated.


  • to exclude Author records from the results use q=(NOT _structureName:Author AND botrytis)
  • to retrieve only ETD records use q=(_structureName:ETD)
  • to retrieve only ETD records from 2007 published under a Creative Commons license use q=(_structureName:ETD AND publicationDate:2007 AND rights:creative)
  • to retrieve documents under an embargo use q=(embargo:true)
  • ...

You can search on every field in a record using its original name from the structures.xml file. Here are some examples of queries:

  • abstract:javascript
  • publicationDate:2007
  • rights:creative commons
  • department:handelswetenschappen
  • award:P* OR award: A* (retrieves all documents with in the award-field words starting with P (prijs or prijzen) or A (award or awards). It is possible you have to extend this query to capture all theses that won an award.)
  • promotor:Gates - promotor2:Gates (to retrieve theses based on the internal or external promotor)
  • ...

RSS feeds

To create a link that generates a RSS feed of a query do the same as for search links, but with dispatch=feed instead of dispatch=search:
e.g. http://doks2.khk.be/eindwerk/do/search?dispatch=feed&q=botrytis

In order to reuse material of the repository via RSS, you need to know very well the syntax of queries.