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  1. When I copy an author and paste it to a thesis record the link doesn't seem to be saved both ways.
  2. I imported theses but I can't find them with the search function?
    • You have to index first: Administrator -> (Re)create search index

  3. The search results show a list of references from the document, this is a nice feature, but how is it possible?
    • The list of references is automatically extracted from the document in the indexing process with the help of some simple heuristic artificial intelligence. In short: possible titles of a references section are checked (references, literature, ...) as well as possible titles of sections following a references section (appendices, the end of the text, ...). Some additional rules exist to confirm that it is a list of references. The heuristics are not 100% reliable, which is normal, but they yield satisfying results most of the time. The rules can be tuned in the /conf/search/ file in the section CONTENT EXTRACTION - REFERENCES. A similar procedure exist for extraction of an abstract from a document. It's not an automatic summary, just extraction of an existing summary or abstract section in the document. You can use this feature by checking the approriate option when adding a file in DoKS.